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Making the Most of Karaoke Machines

Parents today find it difficult to get their children to read. Today’s young people have so many types of entertainment. One popular source of entertainment evolved from the appearance of karaoke machines.
Karaoke machines contain a CD player linked to a CD+G graphic output. They can be connected to either a TV or a video monitor. The CD plays the music, and the lyrics to the music appear on the TV or video screen.

The consumer who has gone shopping for one or more karaoke machines will find that he or she must chose between 2 types of players. Some people like karaoke machines that can be easily carried from one location to the next. Other people prefer the karaoke machines with the component players. These take more time to set-up, but they provide a greater flexibility if one wants to alter some aspect of the planned karaoke entertainment.
Although most karaoke machines are now found in nightclubs and dance halls, there is reason to think that karaoke machines could be useful to those in the field of education. These machines help those who sing with them to overcome some of their inhibitions. Thus, karaoke machines have the potential to help even the shyest teen come out of his or her shell.
In order to appreciate the possible role of karaoke machines in the classroom one needs to realize that not all children demonstrate an eagerness to have the teacher call on them. Not all students quickly raise their hands when the teacher asks a question. More importantly, not enough students have the courage to ask a question of the teacher. Yet the ability to ask questions is an important skill and one that is of great value to the graduate student and that is why karaoke machines could make a useful classroom tool.
Karaoke machines in the classroom would motivate more students to experience the pleasure of entertaining a group of people. As the students used the karaoke machines, those who tended to be shy would become less diffident. Then as the students gained in confidence, they would feel more comfortable about raising questions during a class discussion, or during a one-on-one session with the teacher.
Don’t forget either that the karaoke machines provide a way to display the lyrics to the class. This might be used as one way of helping students to increase their vocabulary. For example, the students could see one or more lyric streams and then be challenged to write their own lyrics. Hence, karaoke machines could help with the creation of a new generation of writers. Society would then have made the first step towards making the most of karaoke machines.
Overall, the Karaoke machine has brought much fun and educational value into the world. The Karaoke Machine has also been a social mechanism that has helped to bridge social gaps between different people from around the world. Whether you have a karaoke machine at home, or use a karaoke machine at a karaoke venue, karaoke machines create an atmosphere for entertainment and personal growth.

  • Kitchen Gadget Madness (The Gilroy Dispatch)
    There are three things I don't do well in life. They are dieting, singing '80s songs along with karaoke machines and cooking. So imagine my surprise when I was invited to a friend's kitchen gadget party.

  • The Singing Machine Company Announces BRATZ(TM) License Agreement (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
    COCONUT CREEK, Fla.----June 13, 2006--The Singing Machine Company announced today that it has signed a two-year licensing agreement with MGA Entertainment to produce and distribute a variety of karaoke products based on MGA's BRATZ franchise, one of the world's leading toy lines and girls' lifestyle brands, in North America, Europe and Australia.

  • S'pore bans smoking in coffee shops, hawker centres (The Sun Daily)
    PETALING JAYA: Malaysian smokers beware! Especially Johoreans who cross over to Singapore regularly. From next month (July 2006), if you light up your cigarette in a coffee shop or a hawker centre, you will be nabbed and fined S$200 (RM451). And there will be no buts about it.

  • Your fingers do the talking (Brisbane Courier Mail)
    WHEN a small group crowds around a personal computer to work together on a project, there's often considerable shuffling for a good view of the monitor and control of the mouse or keyboard.

  • When is a game not a game? (
    An interesting trend has emerged in handheld gaming in the last six months or so - one which has been widely reported, but with little consideration for what it could mean for the industry at large, especially if it is replicated on next-generation consoles.

  • What's On (The Ottawa Sun)
    Fri, June 16, 2006 What's On By LOUISE DANIELS, OTTAWA SUN Absolute Comedy, 412 Preston St., 233-8000 -- Frank Spadone and MC Franco Taddeo, tonight at 8 and 10:30 p.m. $12, tomorrow at 8 and 10:30 p.m. $15 and Sun. at 8 p.m. $8. Pro-Am Show, every Wed. at 8:30 p.m. $5. Yuk Yuk's, 88 Albert St., 236-5233 -- Mark Walker, Terry Clement and Joanna Downey, tonight at 9:30 and tomorrow at 8 and 10:30

  • LIVE MUSIC (Muskogee Phoenix)
    Frog Wild wants you to bark like a ... frog. Karaoke tonight at 9. Behind Barking Frog Plaza, next to Wheeler Metals on U.S. 69 north. Doors open at 4 p.m. 686-8140

  • Easy Teamwork With High-Tech Table (RedNova)
    By Yuri Kageyama When a small group crowds around a PC to work on a project, there's often considerable shuffling for a good view of the monitor and control of the mouse or keyboard. A new technology from Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

  • S'pore To Ban Smoking In Coffee Shops, Hawker Centres In July (Bernama)
    SINGAPORE, June 16 (Bernama) -- A puff of cigarettes will cost more if one lights up in a wrong place as the city-state is set to extend the smoking ban to cover more areas including coffee shops and hawker centres from next month.

  • Touch Table: Technology at Several Sets of Fingertips; Device Allows Group to Compute Simultaneously (RedNova)
    By YURI KAGEYAMA Associated Press writer KAMAKURA, Japan -- When a small group crowds around a PC to work on a project, there's often considerable shuffling for a good view of the monitor and control of the mouse or keyboard. A new technology from Mitsubishi Electric Corp.


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