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Cotton Candy, otherwise known as Fairy Floss and Candy Floss is made using Cotton Candy machines .

Cotton Candy is a simple sweet that is popular to eat at a local shows and fairs, or public events. Cotton Candy, otherwise known as Fairy Floss and Candy Floss is made using a Cotton Candy machine. Cotton Candy machines were initially invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton.

Although the Cotton Candy machine was only invented in 1897, Cotton Candy, which is basically spun sugar, was popular in Europe for many centuries. Spun sugar involves heating up sugar in a cooking container until it melts, dipping a utensil into the melted sugar, lifting the sugar up and as it begins to become hard again, spinning it into a ball. These Cotton Candy balls were then put on a plate and served alone, or with Ice Cream as a desert.

With the invention of the Electric Cotton Candy machine, people were able to enjoy the Cotton Candy creation at the fairground. An electric Cotton Candy machine consists of a plate bowl that spins and can be heated. The sugar is poured into the spinning plate bowl and the sugar melts and begins to form into long thin lengths that resemble cotton thread. This affect is achieved through the inclusion of small holes in the spinning plate bowl.

Cotton Candy was very popular and once flavour was added to the sugar, it became even more popular. Cotton Candy is usually pink, one of the most successful colours, yet with the use of food coloring, Cotton Candy can also be blue, yellow and green.

Despite the fact that Cotton Candy is made purely from sugar, Cotton Candy is not considered a health risk, as it contains less sugar than a sweet drink and only a small amount of energy. Millions of people from the 15th century through to the present day have enjoyed Cotton Candy and is always considered a treat.

The main force behind Cotton Candy machines would be the technological aspect of the centrifugal force of the spinning plate. The centrifugal force is created through the round design of the metal plate bowl, which is shaped to enable the centrifugal force to activate. Once Cotton Candy machine is turned on and the metal plate bowl begins to spin, the centrifugal force creates an invisible central point, which allows the Cotton Candy to be created.

The Cotton Candy spins around within this force within the Cotton Candy machine and the Cotton Candy maker simply places his/her Candy stick inside the centre of the centrifugal force and collects the Cotton Candy on the stick. If you are at the fairground you can watch this happening and will now know how the Cotton Candy machine operates.

Despite the fact that the Cotton Candy machine looks like a simple devise and finding the centre of the centrifugal force sounds easy, making Cotton Candy actually takes a lot of skill. Making cotton Candy from a Cotton Candy machines involves spinning the stick in the right direction and making certain that the right amount of candy is on the stick, so that it does not fall off when handed to the customer.


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